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Lindvig Realty

Jl Maribaya 217A
Lembang 40391
AREBI CERTIFIED NR B-1109.0140.001238

With 5 years experience in RAY WHITE AUSTRALIA our office started a new era as LINDVIG REALTY on 1 Aug 2009. We are now celebrating 3 years anniversary and our office consists of 6 professional brokers ready to answer your questions about property.

Our main trading area is Bandung and with this website we reach across borders to clients abroad looking for a new home or great investment in our very green and beautiful mountains of West Java.

Lindvig Realty started in 2007 and has since the beginning helped many home owners, land investors and high profile companies to invest and offer that perfect location to new interest groups.

Staffed with certified and professional property consultants you will always be in good hands with us.

Do you need advice regarding best investments in the area, bank loans, Feng Shui, marketing strategies and legal matters? We are always here to help.

Enjoy the beautiful new homes with quality interior and exterior designs for your leasure by scrolling through our listings.

Yours Sincerely
Lena Lindvig-Liem