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Location, location, location - everybody knows the famous property saying. So how important is location really to choose the right home?

It has great importance. Many other factors also play a role when the buyer choose a home, apartment or land.

The location of a home along with the price, the condition and size are of course very important to the buyer. Many other points also determine whether the location is suitable. It is rare that a home buyer only puts emphasis on a few qualities in a property. Mostly it is a wide combination of qualities they seek out and it can be rather complex. It is in such cases the real estate broker can be a help with years of expertise and knowledge of the area.

Research shows that home buyers can be split into 3 categories:

1. Demands that are absolute and a condition in order to accept the home.

2. Demands that can be negotiated when compensated by other condition.

3. Demands that are not so important and are not essential to the buyer.


Many conditions are weighed against each other in a property transaction. Besides from evaluating the characteristics of the property and the immediate nearby surroundings, home owners look further away to the community facilities. Public and private institutions available such as transport and schools are important as well. Finally the larger geographical area and transportation access is also very important for the modern mobile family.



BAD SMELL puts home buyers OFF the sale……


One of every four times a home buyer have loss of interest in a property due to foul smell a recent study shows from

The smell of Tobacco. Air filled with humidity. Foul smell of pets. Many different smells can be present in our home, much of it we do not even notice ourselves because we are so used to it. Unfortunately our guests may frown upon the smell and feel uncomfortable. Same goes for our potential buyer.

Bad smell is the second reason why a buyer changes her mind and decides not to invest in a new home. Only lack of management of the property tops this reason by 35%. Another 17% lost interest due to the home being not clean and 15% did not care to invest due to the property being untidy.

ARTIFICIAL SMELL DOES NOT HELP recommends that the seller pretends to be the buyer and learn from himself. As a seller it is tempting to believe that our own home is fine the way it is. Never mind the messy newspapers on the table and the cat sleeping on the couch. Unfortunately the buyer does notice the dirty dishes in the sink and the smelly dog blanket in the living room. In short the best thing to do is to experience an open house somewhere else and take notice of which situations put you off a potential investment.

Bad smelly homes do not sell. A saying goes “if you can smell it, you can’t sell it” and this is completely true. Artificial perfume candles will also not fix the problem. The only solution is a thorough clean up of the premises because the investor might be wondering what the artificial smell is trying to hide. Invite a friend over and get an honest opinion on the different odours in your home instead and find the best solution.


A beautiful front door welcomes you, a clean and tidy home shows that the owner takes good care and calm and balanced colors makes the buyer feel comfortable and in harmony with the home. It is the more hidden signals which can determine whether the home will be sold or not.

The smart advice to follow is:  

  • Clean out and tidy up. Mess and suitcases on top of cabinets tell a tale of lack of space. Same goes for your warehouse full of furniture.  

  • Air out daily for minimum 20 minutes to keep home healthy and remove smells from cooking.

  • Choose one function for each room. A room with more than one function creates a subconscious conflict with buyer. Is this a living room or an office? What should I use this room for?

  • Lighten up. Dark walls make a room smaller. It can be a good idea for a smaller cozy room. Please note a single dark wall can catch the eye and with this the interest of the buyer




Yours Sincerely,

Lena Lindvig Liem


Dear Clients

Staging may be one of those secret weapons that real estate agents and few home owners use to sell their homes but the word is out! You can use the same secret weapon to sell your home faster and enjoy the reward of your sale even quicker.

When buyers look at a home, they see it from a perspective different to what you, as a seller, would have of your own home. Showing them an empty house leaves them with too much to imagine and the possibilities are endless. Showing them a home with warm and cozy furniture will have their imaginations set running.

Using home staging to sell your home will have the buyer looking around and envisioning their furniture, pictures, your home. If your home is packed full of your own belongings, the buyer will not be able to see this picture in their mind. Try to put yourself into the buyer's shoes and see what they see, just like it is your first time in the house.

Statistics shows that home sellers using home staging are selling their homes faster and receiving a better profit than other homes on the market. Staged homes look better and feel better to the prospective buyer. Staged homes sell for quite a bit more money than non-staged homes. When you see a photo of a staged home on the internet or in print, the photo is inviting and welcoming, which can help in your overall selling ability.

Home staging is so beneficial in selling your home that with just a few quick steps you will be creating a dream home for the buyer that they can not resist. You will find that your home will sell faster, sell for more and the new owners will be excited and pleased with their purchase.

Yours Sincerely,
Lena Lindvig-Liem
Lindvig Realty